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1. James Gunn: Mapping the universe | Blavatnik School of Government

universe’. He contributed to the elucidation of the evolutionary history of the universe and has also published many pioneering astrophysical theories. ... Through these achievements, he has provided us with a significant understanding of the universe.

www.bsg.ox.ac.uk/events/james-gunn-mapping-universe- 30k - 10 May 2021 - Cached

2. Sneak peek at Universe | University of Oxford

OSB archive. Share This. Sneak peek at Universe. ... Pete Wilton. 28 Aug 2009. Whilst it officially opens tomorrow, if you're in Oxford you can already enjoy the new From Earth to the Universe exhibition in University Parks today.

www.ox.ac.uk/news/science-blog/sneak-peek-universe- 44k - 12 May 2021 - Cached

3. The Ordered Universe Project | Pembroke College

You are here. Video of Ordered Universe. Pembroke's Professor Hannah Smithson is Co-Investigator on The Ordered Universe Project: science and humanities scholars work together to interpret the writings of

www.pmb.ox.ac.uk/content/ordered-universe-project- 103k - 9 May 2021 - Cached

4. Home | University of Oxford Department of Physics

Ancient ‘fossil’ galaxies offer insight into formation of the Universe.

www2.physics.ox.ac.uk/- 40k - Cached

5. Event series: Oxford Mathematics Public Lectures | University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is one of the leading universities in the world.

www.ox.ac.uk/event/series/oxford-mathematics-public-lectures- 50k - 14 May 2021 - Cached

6. The Unity of the Universe | University of Oxford Podcasts - Audio and Video Lectures

Dennis Sciama's 1959 book The Unity of the Universe was ostensibly about the Steady State theory, a cosmological/astrophysical theory which was to be comprehensively and irreversibly refuted by observations ... Looking at topics diverse as the creation

podcasts.ox.ac.uk/unity-universe- 32k - 12 May 2021 - Cached

7. The Elegant Universe - University College Oxford

By Brian Greene. Review by Felix (Physics). The Elegant Universe provides a brilliant introduction to a range of topics in theoretical physics, as well as the story of their conception. ... The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene. ISBN-10: 1446477770.

www.univ.ox.ac.uk/book/the-elegant-universe/- 62k - 6 Apr 2021 - Cached

8. Homepage — Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division

Alone in a cube that glows in the darkness, X is content with his infinite universe and abstract thought.

www.mpls.ox.ac.uk/- 64k - Cached

9. The Ordered Universe at Cheltenham Science Festival | Pembroke College

Most recently Dr Smithson and The Ordered Universe team presented at the Cheltenham Science Festival in 2015 and have been published in The Conversation which can be found here. ... A short video explaining more about The Ordered Universe Project can

www.pmb.ox.ac.uk/news/ordered-universe-cheltenham-science-festival- 107k - 9 May 2021 - Cached

10. Life in the Universe Workshop | Consolidation of Fine-Tuning

Life in the Universe Workshop. How likely was life's development? What physics did we need to get life going, and how could life exist if our universe were different? ... Bernard Carr and George Ellis spoke on these and other topics in our Life in the

finetune.physics.ox.ac.uk/videos/life-universe-workshop- 16k - 14 May 2021 - Cached

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