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1. Dying For a Transplant | University of Oxford

Human organ transport box. Image credit: Monkey Business Images/ Shutterstock.

www.ox.ac.uk/news/science-blog/dying-transplant- 50k - 12 May 2021 - Cached

2. Subject Areas — University of Oxford, Medical Sciences Division

decade3d - anatomy online - Shutterstock. sumroeng chinnapan - Shutterstock. Monkey Business Images - Shutterstock.

www.medsci.ox.ac.uk/study/graduateschool/subject-areas- 120k - Cached

3. Friends 'better than morphine' | University of Oxford

A group of friends. Image credit: Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock.

www.ox.ac.uk/news/2016-04-28-friends-better-morphine- 57k - 12 May 2021 - Cached

4. Research in our departments — University of Oxford, Medical Sciences Division

Monkey Business Images - Shutterstock. The Department of Paediatrics focuses on a wide variety of aspects of children's health research, with the aim of improving chances and quality of life for

www.medsci.ox.ac.uk/research/research-in-our-departments- 116k - Cached

5. Causeway Education front page template

The Beatles performed and recorded multiple covers of Berry’s songs like: “Sweet Little Sixteen,” “Carol,” “I Got to Find My Baby,” “Too Much Monkey Business,” “Johnny B Goode” etc.

www.wadham.ox.ac.uk/docs/MusicResourcePack_1591019495.docx- 782k - 28 May 2020 - Cached

6. Roots of aggression | University of Oxford

Source: Monkey Business Images via Shutterstock.

www.ox.ac.uk/news/science-blog/roots-aggression- 51k - 12 May 2021 - Cached

7. The Apeman and the Scotsman: the slippery slope to humanzees | Practical Ethics

Humanzees and Hybrids: Science or Monkey business The Gralien Report 30/4/08.

blog.practicalethics.ox.ac.uk/2008/05/the-apeman-and-the-scotsman-the-slippery-slope-to-humanzees/- 54k - Cached

8. Vote, But You Cannot Verify: The Namibian Supreme Court’s Presidential Election Decision | OHRH

It is nothing but monkey business when it comes to the Namibian judiciary.

ohrh.law.ox.ac.uk/vote-but-you-cannot-verify-the-namibian-supreme-courts-presidential-election-decision/- 133k - 17 Feb 2020 - Cached

9. Same genes drive maths and reading ability | University of Oxford

Study looks at genetic influence on maths and reading ability. Credit: Monkey Business Images/Shuttersock.

www.ox.ac.uk/news/2014-07-09-same-genes-drive-maths-and-reading-ability- 54k - 12 May 2021 - Cached

10. Video games that hold the attention proposed as aid in dyslexia | University of Oxford

Credit: Shutterstock/Monkey Business Images. This image comes from Shutterstock.

www.ox.ac.uk/news/2014-02-13-video-games-hold-attention-proposed-aid-dyslexia- 53k - 12 May 2021 - Cached

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