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1. [OTA]

Languages. English. OTA keywords. ... Permanent URL. http://purl.ox.ac.uk/ota/3019. University of Oxford.

ota.ox.ac.uk/desc/3019- 7k - Cached

2. [OTA] Poems and songs of Robert Burns / compiled by D.R. Thornton

O xford T ext A rchive:. Title. Poems and songs of Robert Burns / compiled by D.R. ... Languages. Scots; English. Editorial Practice. Editorial practices unknown. OTA keywords.

ota.ox.ac.uk/desc/1212- 7k - Cached

3. [OTA] [Orpheus and Eurydice]

OTA keywords. ... 24.6 KB). Creation Date. 1450-1506. Source Description. Orpheus and Eurydice — The poems of Robert Henryson.

ota.ox.ac.uk/desc/2231- 9k - Cached

4. [OTA] The testament of Cresseid / compylit be M. Robert Henrysone

OTA keywords. ... Text S. ; 1st ser., 58. Note: The Scottish Text Society's edition of The poems of Robert Henryson makes up three volumes of the Society's first series (55, 58, 64),

ota.ox.ac.uk/desc/2232- 10k - Cached

5. [OTA] The unsex'd females : a poem, addressed to the author of the Pursuits of literature

Transcribed with American spelling. OTA keywords. ... Introduction, Poem and authors notes. List of works. Appendix I: The American Edition (1800).

ota.ox.ac.uk/desc/2050- 8k - Cached

6. [OTA] Miscellaneous poems / Oscar Wilde

Editorial Practice. Encoding format: Plain text. OTA keywords. ... The burden of Itys -- Miscellaneous [shorter] poems -- The ballad of Reading gaol -- The Sphinx.

ota.ox.ac.uk/desc/2046- 7k - Cached

7. [OTA] Chicago poems / by Carl Sandburg

OTA keywords. ... Creation Date. 1914. Source Description. Chicago poems / by Carl Sandburg Sandburg, Carl, 1878-1967 xi, 183 p. ;

ota.ox.ac.uk/desc/1892- 7k - Cached

8. [OTA] The poems of John Keats / John Keats

O xford T ext A rchive:. Title. The poems of John Keats / John Keats. ... Languages. English. Editorial Practice. Encoding format: SGML (UVA DTD). OTA keywords.

ota.ox.ac.uk/desc/1607- 7k - Cached

9. [OTA] Parzival

OTA keywords. ... kleio". Permanent URL. http://purl.ox.ac.uk/ota/1998. University of Oxford.

ota.ox.ac.uk/desc/1998- 7k - Cached

10. [OTA] Helsinki corpus of English texts

Encoding format: COCOA and Plain text. OTA keywords. LC keywords. Extent. ... Notes. Corpus. Permanent URL. http://purl.ox.ac.uk/ota/1477. University of Oxford.

ota.ox.ac.uk/desc/1477- 24k - Cached

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