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1. Prof Dan Vigneron - Oxford Talks

Toggle navigation. Prof Dan Vigneron. Surbeck Laboratory for Advanced Imaging at UCSF.

talks.ox.ac.uk/talks/persons/id/aa0af914-5d34-4181-ae9c-5554c03a184f- 7k - Cached

2. Hoard Details 3748

As a result, Vigneron-Jousselandière excavated the findspot, discovering 7 silver ligula and a ceramic vessel containing approximately 3,500 antoniniani (radiates). ... Vigneron-Jousselandière possessed 2,651 radiates (in 1907). Discovery method.

chre.ashmus.ox.ac.uk/hoard/3748- 27k - Cached

3. Hervé Ott | Around 1968: Activism, Networks, Trajectories

HO : alors ma famille paternelle, sont des vignerons. RG : oui. HO : qui ont fait du vin, c'est mon grand-père qui a immigré dans le sud de la France pour ... RG : oui, oui, donc sa famille était s'origine parisienne et il est vigneron.

around1968.history.ox.ac.uk/herve-ott- 158k - 14 Apr 2021 - Cached

4. Identifying Antigens Recognized by Cytolytic T Lymphocytes on Tumors. — Nuffield Department of Medicine

Search. Identifying Antigens Recognized by Cytolytic T Lymphocytes on Tumors. Vigneron N., Stroobant V., Ma W., Michaux A., Van den Eynde BJ.

www.ndm.ox.ac.uk/publications/1007297- 50k - Cached

5. Production of spliced peptides by the proteasome — Ludwig Cancer Research

Search. Production of spliced peptides by the proteasome. Vigneron N., Stroobant V., Ferrari V., Abi Habib J., Van den Eynde BJ.

www.ludwig.ox.ac.uk/research/publications/844002- 60k - Cached

6. Reference Details 843

Coin Hoards. of the Roman Empire.

chre.ashmus.ox.ac.uk/reference/843- 8k - Cached

7. Œuvres et écrits divers - Voltaire Foundation

On y trouve surtout de nombreux textes qui éclairent les faces multiples d’une personnalité (Montesquieu vigneron, parlementaire…) et révèlent les aspects extrêmement divers d’une recherche scientifique et d’une

www.voltaire.ox.ac.uk/publication/%c5%93uvres-et-%c3%a9crits-divers/- 31k - Cached

8. CHRO-954 135..144

We thankMarc Vigneron (for providing the 7C2 antibody),and The Wellcome Trust (for support). ... Gene. 194: 267–272.Sugaya K, Vigneron M, Cook PR (2000) Mammalian cell lines.

people.maths.ox.ac.uk/maini/PKM%20publications/188.pdf- 282k - 23 May 2005 - Cached

9. An antigen produced by splicing of noncontiguous peptides in the reverse order. — Nuffield Department of Medicine

Warren EH., Vigneron NJ., Gavin MA., Coulie PG., Stroobant V., Dalet A., Tykodi SS., Xuereb SM., Mito JK., Riddell SR., Van den Eynde BJ.

www.ndm.ox.ac.uk/publications/589364- 51k - Cached

10. Clinical Studies using Hyperpolarized MRI in Cancer Patients - Oxford Talks

Details: Seminar Room, Oxford Centre for Clinical Magnetic Resonance Research. Speaker: Prof Dan Vigneron (Surbeck Laboratory for Advanced Imaging at UCSF).

talks.ox.ac.uk/talks/id/bce0e57a-72e5-4b04-b071-217f1fcaf3f8/- 10k - Cached

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