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1. Towards greater visibility and recruitment of skilled refugees | Forced Migration Review

TBB identifies potential employers and makes the economic and humanitarian case for hiring refugees. ... The opportunities TBB offers are also seen by refugees as being of longer-term benefit to them.

www.fmreview.org/economies/nichles-nyce- 65k - Cached

2. Vers une plus grande visibilité des réfugiés qualifiés pour favoriser leur recrutement | Forced Migration Review

TBB identifie les employeurs potentiels et leur présente un argumentaire économique et humanitaire en faveur du recrutement des réfugiés. ... Quant aux réfugiés, ils considèrent également que les opportunités offertes par TBB sont bénéfiques

www.fmreview.org/fr/economies/nichles-nyce- 65k - Cached

3. Hacia una mayor visibilidad y contratación de refugiados cualificados | Forced Migration Review

TBB identifica a empleadores potenciales y plantea el caso económico y humanitario de contratar refugiados. ... Como parte de esto, TBB ayuda a los refugiados a exhibir sus competencias y experiencia.

www.fmreview.org/es/economias/nichles-nyce- 67k - Cached

4. Diego Rojas Arancibia | Blavatnik School of Government

Diego is also co-founder and CEO of Tu Beca Bolivia (TBB), an NGO focused on offering better educational and entrepreneurial opportunities to Bolivians. ... TBB has tutored over 4,500 young Bolivians, helped over 150 students access scholarships,

www.bsg.ox.ac.uk/people/diego-rojas-arancibia- 26k - 1 Aug 2022 - Cached

5. نحو تعزيز ظهور اللاجئين الماهرين وتوظيفهم | Forced Migration Review

Skip to main navigation. Leave this field blank. » النسخة الإلكترونية. لي نيكلز وساير نايس. يمكن من خلال تسليط الضوء على مهارات اللاجئين ربطهم بفرص العمل

www.fmreview.org/ar/economies/nichles-nyce- 68k - Cached

6. Research Equipment Booking

Day 10AM-4PM(TBB/RR) Night 4PM-10AM(TBB/RR) legacy data(TBB/RR).

external.materials.ox.ac.uk/research/booking.php?cmd=overview&time=1309042800- 15k - Cached

7. Research Equipment Booking

Day 10AM-4PM(TBB/RR) Night 4PM-10AM(TBB/RR) legacy data(TBB/RR).

external.materials.ox.ac.uk/research/booking.php?cmd=overview&time=1308956400- 15k - Cached

8. Research Equipment Booking

Day 10AM-4PM(TBB/RR) Night 4PM-10AM(TBB/RR) legacy data(TBB/RR).

external.materials.ox.ac.uk/research/booking.php?&cmd=overview&time=1308870000- 15k - Cached

9. ()

Intel TBB / ABB. Intel Cilk. OpenCL. Emerging Architectures – p.

people.maths.ox.ac.uk/gilesm/talks/BigData.pdf- 34k - 19 Apr 2012 - Cached

10. 5c732b4111890ff080dfe89bb007258e87756ea8...14b8f121e7870b858782a5272f5270a95703e300 · FSL / armawrap · GitLab

if defined(ARMA_USE_TBB_ALLOC). ... endif. if defined(ARMA_USE_TBB_ALLOC).

git.fmrib.ox.ac.uk/fsl/armawrap/-/compare/5c732b4111890ff080dfe89bb007258e87756ea8...14b8f121e7870b858782a5272f5270a95703e300- 726k - Cached

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