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1. Hoard Details 764

Summary. "Kingeston upon Tamise: there yn ploughyng and digging have very often beene founde fundation of waulles of houses, and diverse coynes of brasse, sylver and gold, with Romaine inscriptions, and

chre.ashmus.ox.ac.uk/hoard/764- 18k - Cached

2. Holinshed's Chronicles 1587: Annotation 891

Isis, the name given to the Thames at Oxford - An artificial formation from Tamise'.

english.nsms.ox.ac.uk/holinshed/1587-note891.html- 1k - 22 Jun 2011 - Cached

3. 000_Prelims 1..24

C:/AcadTech/Voltaire/OCV21/3b2/017_Index_Analytique.3d -- 21/11/18 -- 13:46. 393. INDEX ANALYTIQUE. Ce qui suit est l’amalgame des index analytiques des tomes 22-26c.Il recense également les endroits où Voltaire se prononce sur diversphénomènes

www.voltaire.ox.ac.uk/sites/default/files/OCV21_Index2.pdf?506- 1061k - 18 Dec 2018 - Cached

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