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1. Maria Fernanda Arreola: The emergence of the Social Media Entrepreneur | The Internet, Policy & Politics Conferences

In this paper, I aim to explain the features of this “Social Media Entrepreneurship” (SMEp). ... In order to explain the SMEp phenomenon, I perform a three-phase study of a group of immigrants using social media in France.

blogs.oii.ox.ac.uk/ipp-conference/2016/programme-2016/track-c-markets-and-labour/new-forms-of-labour/maria-fernanda-arreola-the-emergence-of.html- 28k - 9 May 2018 - Cached

2. The Oxford Q-Step Centre | About

Find out what our students think of Q-Step and how it's helped them get ahead. ... Details can be found in the new Undergraduate Q-Step Prospectus, 'Shaping Society - Quantitative Social Science for the 21st Century'..

www.oqc.ox.ac.uk/- 27k - 7 Oct 2019 - Cached

3. Mind the 19th step | University of Oxford

Probably something a lot like The 19th Step, an experimental project involving Oxford mathematician Marcus du Sautoy. ... The first performance is tonight at Roehampton University. The flyer explains it like this: 'On the 19th Step of a basement

www.ox.ac.uk/news/science-blog/mind-19th-step- 47k - 12 Oct 2019 - Cached

4. Colleges | University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is one of the leading universities in the world.

www.ox.ac.uk/admissions/undergraduate/colleges- 61k - 11 Oct 2019 - Cached

5. Social media | University of Oxford

The next step is to match your goals to actual metrics and behaviours you can measure. ... The final step is to carefully review your measurement program. How are these metrics doing?

www.ox.ac.uk/public-affairs/social-media- 78k - 11 Oct 2019 - Cached

6. Step Up | New College

The Steps. Step 1 takes place at schools and is an introductory session about universities and challenges students' existing perceptions of the University of Oxford. ... Step 7 introduces students to Oxford interviews, informing them about the process

www.new.ox.ac.uk/step-up- 60k - 9 Oct 2019 - Cached

7. Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, University of Oxford — Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences

Our DPhil programme could be your next step. Become part of the Department and contribute to our UK-leading work.

www.phc.ox.ac.uk/- 217k - 8 Oct 2019 - Cached

8. Home | Sustainability

Search. Search form. Search. From counting bees for a citizen science project to reducing energy use in laboratories, Green Impact is a way of thinking and acting in our everyday lives. Photograph by Vikki Rose, Global Environmental Advisor (C Env

sustainability.admin.ox.ac.uk/home- 113k - 11 Oct 2019 - Cached

9. Home | Staff Gateway

Search. Search form. Search. Contact search. Exact. Approximate. Email Addresses. Phone Numbers. Emergency numbers. News for staff. cstaff.admin.ox.ac.uk//. 10/10/2019 09:17:17.

staff.admin.ox.ac.uk/home- 163k - 10 Oct 2019 - Cached

10. OxPol – A blog sharing research and analysis from Oxford's Department of Politics and International Relations

A blog sharing research and analysis from Oxford's Department of Politics and International Relations

blog.politics.ox.ac.uk/- 167k - 30 Sep 2019 - Cached

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