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1. Department of Social Policy and Intervention

2019. |. Journal article. |. Prev Sci. Exposure to war trauma increases the risk of negative individual and family-level outcomes. ... Clinical child and family psychology review. Child physical abuse is an issue of global concern.

www.spi.ox.ac.uk/symplectic/publications?sso_id=psyc0005&widget_publication_type=&widget_max_publications_to_display=5&widget_show_author_and_editor_names=0&widget_limit_to_favourites=0&widget_page_title=Professor%20Frances%20Gardner- 566k - 10 Jun 2019 - Cached

2. Department of Social Policy and Intervention

related to risk for family depression, and explored family interactions around mental health more broadly as well as depression specifically. ... 2018. |. Journal article. |. Prev Sci. Parenting programs are a promising approach to improving family

www.spi.ox.ac.uk/symplectic/publications?sso_id=gree0625&widget_publication_type=&widget_max_publications_to_display=10&widget_show_author_and_editor_names=0&widget_limit_to_favourites=0&widget_page_title=Professor%20Lucie%20Cluver- 755k - 10 Jun 2019 - Cached

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