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1. Political Connections and Insider Trading | Oxford Law Faculty

The second is the list of businessmen known publicly to be Sarkozy’s friends constructed by Coulomb and Sangnier (2014). ... Thomas Bourveau is an Assistant Professor at the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, Renaud Coulomb is an Assistant

www.law.ox.ac.uk/business-law-blog/blog/2017/01/political-connections-and-insider-trading- 35k - 29 Jan 2017 - Cached

2. Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford: When Model-Checking Freeze LTL over Counter Machines Becomes Decidable

Herein, we complete an earlier work started on one-counter machines (Demri, Lazic, Sangnier; FOSSACS 08) by considering other subclasses of counter machines, and especially the class of reversal-bounded counter ... This is a joint work with Arnaud

www.cs.ox.ac.uk/seminars/421.html- 29k - Cached

3. Accepted Papers | 8th International Workshop on Reachability Problems (RP2014)

Stéphane Demri, Amit Kumar Dhar and Arnaud Sangnier. Equivalence Between Model-Checking Flat Counter Systems and Presburger Arithmetic.

www.cs.ox.ac.uk/RP2014/accepted-papers/- 14k - Cached

4. Programme | 8th International Workshop on Reachability Problems (RP2014)

12:00-12.30: Equivalence Between Model-Checking Flat Counter Systems and Presburger Arithmetic. Stéphane Demri, Amit Kumar Dhar and Arnaud Sangnier.

www.cs.ox.ac.uk/RP2014/programme/- 17k - Cached

5. tacas11.dvi

Sangnier for [12], and anonymous referees for their comments. Wethank EPSRC (EP/F036361 and EP/H026878/1) for their support. ... Springer, 2010. 13. A. Finkel and A. Sangnier. Reversal-bounded counter machines revisited.

www.cs.ox.ac.uk/files/3952/cav11-full.pdf- 312k - 28 Apr 2011 - Cached

6. qav.cs.ox.ac.uk/papers/atva10.pdf

Recursive Timed Automata. Ashutosh Trivedi and Dominik Wojtczak. Computing Laboratory, Oxford University, UK. Abstract. We study recursive timed automata that extend timed automatawith recursion. Timed automata, as introduced by Alur and Dill, are

qav.cs.ox.ac.uk/papers/atva10.pdf- 266k - 7 Jul 2010 - Cached

7. https://www.cs.ox.ac.uk/people/julian.gutierrez/web/infcomp18.pdf

Imperfect Information in Reactive Modules Games. Julian Gutierrez, Giuseppe Perelli, Michael Wooldridge. Department of Computer ScienceUniversity of Oxford. Abstract. Reactive Modules is a high-level modelling language for concurrent, distributed,

www.cs.ox.ac.uk/people/julian.gutierrez/web/infcomp18.pdf- 457k - 11 Oct 2017 - Cached

8. Beyond the Stars

csae CENTRE FOR THE STUDY OF. AFRICAN ECONOMIES. CENTRE FOR THE STUDY OF AFRICAN ECONOMIESDepartment of Economics. University of Oxford. Manor Road Building. Oxford OX1 3UQT: 44 (0)1865 271084. F: 44 (0)1865 281447. E:

www.csae.ox.ac.uk/materials/papers/csae-wps-2016-31-2.pdf- 1781k - 16 Oct 2017 - Cached

9. sdf

Couttenier,. Grosjean, and Sangnier (2017) find that minerals play a role both historically and presently for U.S.

www.economics.ox.ac.uk/materials/working_papers/5197/extractive-industries-price-shocks-and-criminality-220.pdf- 718k - 30 Sep 2019 - Cached

10. https://www.economics.ox.ac.uk/materials/working_papers/4804/oxcarrerp2014141.pdf

DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS OxCarre Oxford Centre for the Analysis of Resource Rich Economies. Manor Road Building, Manor Road, Oxford OX1 3UQ Tel: 44(0)1865 281281 Fax: 44(0)1865 271094. oxcarre@economics.ox.ac.uk www.oxcarre.ox.ac.uk. Direct tel: 44(0)

www.economics.ox.ac.uk/materials/working_papers/4804/oxcarrerp2014141.pdf- 2305k - 31 Jul 2014 - Cached

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