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1. Quantum Measurements from a Logical Point of View

11. SUMMARY. Axioms of TL. s(s). p ̸= =s : s p s p and p q =s q. ... 12. MODELS. DEFINITION OF THE MODEL. Reminder. s, p, s p t, (O : Mes(s, O, p, t)) s, p, q, t, s p and (O : Mes(s, O, q, t))

www.cs.ox.ac.uk/qpl2015/slides/16.pdf- 86k - 17 Jul 2015 - Cached

2. 5B8C

S E S F V L N W Y R M S P S N Q T D K L A A F P E D R S Q P. ... E V P T A H P S P S P T S E N L Y F Q.

opig.stats.ox.ac.uk/webapps/sabdab-sabpred/StrViewer.php?str=5b8c- 161k - Cached

3. CDR Viewer

S. I. S. P. S. S. G. W. T. S. Y. ... S. P. S. S. G. W. CDR Definition: contact. CDR - contact.

opig.stats.ox.ac.uk/webapps/sabdab-sabpred/CDRViewer.php?cdr=3n85_HL_0_CDRH2- 18k - Cached

4. CDR Viewer

S. P. S. Y. I. C. S. G. G. T. C. ... A. R. S. P. S. Y. I. C. S. G. G.

opig.stats.ox.ac.uk/webapps/sabdab-sabpred/CDRViewer.php?cdr=3fku_TT_0_CDRH3- 18k - Cached

5. qav.cs.ox.ac.uk/papers/RR-10-07.pdf

β AMax(s). { pi(s, α, β). sS. p(s′| s, α, β) P (s′)}} if s 6 F. ... P (s) pi(s, a, bs, a) sS. p(s′| s, a, bs, a) P (s′).

qav.cs.ox.ac.uk/papers/RR-10-07.pdf- 369k - 15 Jun 2010 - Cached

6. Return map accuracies in ground truth order (977637b6) · Commits · Sam Harrison / PFM_Simulations · GitLab

cP=[P{ s} infP{ s}]'[P{ s} infP{ s}];. ... cA=cov([A{ s}{ r}; infA{ s}{ r}]');. @@ -66, 8 66, 8 @@ for s = 1:params.S. @@

git.fmrib.ox.ac.uk/samh/PFM_Simulations/commit/977637b60bf649bf267df9e2907bd35c9ef749d1?view=parallel- 117k - Cached

7. 4HKZ

I. Q. M. T. Q. S. P. S. S. L11. L12. ... S L K D D P S Q S T N V L G E A K K L N E S Q A.

opig.stats.ox.ac.uk/webapps/sabdab-sabpred/StrViewer.php?str=4hkz- 64k - Cached

8. 2261f2f6b2919f629e330a42578c270289b0c568...413d5be1c039d72b4ee609e87f5b1c80acc9aa7a · Sam Harrison / PFM_Simulations · GitLab

icaS, icaA, icaW] = fastica(P{ s}','approach','symm','g','tanh','epsilon', 1e-11,'maxNumIterations', 3000,'lastEig', 15);. % ... cP=cP[P{ s} infP{ s}]'[P{ s} infP{ s}];.

git.fmrib.ox.ac.uk/samh/PFM_Simulations/compare/2261f2f6b2919f629e330a42578c270289b0c568...413d5be1c039d72b4ee609e87f5b1c80acc9aa7a- 152k - Cached

9. 4OD2

R S S P S E G L C P P G H H I S E D G R D C I S C K Y G Q D. ... Y S T H W N D L L F C L R C T R C D S G E V E L S P C T T T.

opig.stats.ox.ac.uk/webapps/sabdab-sabpred/StrViewer.php?str=4od2- 63k - Cached

10. 5GGV

I. Q. M. T. Q. S. P. S. S. L11. L12. ... K A M H V A Q P A V V L A S S R G I A S F V C E Y A S P G K.

opig.stats.ox.ac.uk/webapps/sabdab-sabpred/StrViewer.php?str=5ggv- 65k - Cached

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