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1. https://www.cs.ox.ac.uk/files/5517/knowlod_wp5.pdf

pp. 308–322. ESWC 2009 Heraklion, Springer-Verlag,Berlin, Heidelberg (2009). 18. Zhang, Y., Minh Duc, P., Corcho, O., Calbimonte, J.P.: Srbench: A Streaming RDF/SPARQLBenchmark.

www.cs.ox.ac.uk/files/5517/knowlod_wp5.pdf- 490k - 19 Apr 2013 - Cached

2. Vital sign monitoring using wearable devices in a Vietnamese intensive care unit

Du Hong Duc, Ronald Geskus, Ho Bich Hai, Ho Quang Chanh, Ho Van Hien, Hoang Minh Tu Van, Huynh Trung Trieu, Evelyne Kestelyn, Lam Minh Yen, Le Dinh Van Khoa, Le ... Lam, Phung Tran Huy Nhat, Guy Thwaites, Louise Thwaites, Tran Minh Duc, Trinh Manh Hung,

eng.ox.ac.uk/media/9754/2021_bmjinno_lth.pdf- 1687k - 3 Aug 2021 - Cached

3. https://www.cs.ox.ac.uk/files/6649/paper.pdf

How Semantic Technologies can EnhanceData Access at Siemens Energy†. Evgeny Kharlamov1‡, Nina Solomakhina2, Özgür Özçep3, Dmitriy Zheleznyakov1,Thomas Hubauer2, Steffen Lamparter2, Mikhail Roshchin2, and Ahmet Soylu4. 1 University of

www.cs.ox.ac.uk/files/6649/paper.pdf- 2583k - 1 Aug 2014 - Cached

4. TOPS1901-01

software are possible using simple photographs [Duc andMinh 2009] or more complex 3D video models [Boehm et al.

www.cs.ox.ac.uk/files/8263/a1-eberz.pdf- 1401k - 11 Jun 2016 - Cached

5. https://www.cs.ox.ac.uk/files/10093/contatt_tissec_final.pdf

0. Pulse-Response: Exploring Human Body Impedance forBiometric Recognition. IVAN MARTINOVIC, University of OxfordKASPER B. RASMUSSEN, University of OxfordMARC ROESCHLIN, University of OxfordGENE TSUDIK, University of California, Irvine. Biometric

www.cs.ox.ac.uk/files/10093/contatt_tissec_final.pdf- 1799k - 1 Aug 2018 - Cached

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