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1. Mala Ratha Krishnan | Staff Gateway

Mala Ratha Krishnan. Mala Ratha Krishnan. Goes above and beyond. Always ready and willing to help where needed, even whilst delivering an exceptional piece of work on a new training tool, ... Whatfix! Thank you Mala for your innovation, commitment, and

staff.admin.ox.ac.uk/article/mala-ratha-krishnan- 115k - 7 Aug 2022 - Cached

2. Mala Gunadasa-Rohling — Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics (DPAG)

Search. Mala Gunadasa-Rohling. Contact information. Email. ... mala.rohling@dpag.ox.ac.uk.

www.dpag.ox.ac.uk/team/mala-gunadasa-rohling- 104k - Cached

3. Mala Murthy - Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour

Biography: Mala Murthy received her BS in Biology from MIT, her PhD in Neuroscience from Stanford University, and completed postdoctoral training, as a Helen Hay Whitney Fellow, in Systems Neuroscience with

www.cncb.ox.ac.uk/event/mala-murthy/- 26k - Cached

4. Professor Mala Maini - Oxford Talks

Toggle navigation. Professor Mala Maini. UCL Division of Infection and Immunity.

talks.ox.ac.uk/talks/persons/id/e67f6ff2-050c-4341-a7bc-b1e7885d7d1a- 6k - Cached

5. Mala Rohling — Oxford Cardiovascular Science

Search. Mala Rohling. Contact information. Email. ... High-resolution MR Imaging of left-ventricular function in the newborn mice. Mahon L Maguire, Mala Rohling, Megan Masters, Debra McAndrew, Paul Riley, Jurgen E Schneider.

www.cardioscience.ox.ac.uk/bhf-centre-of-regenerative-medicine/centre-members/mala-rohling- 44k - Cached

6. ‘ONU preocupada por mala imagen.’ La Natión.

Submit contribution. ‘ONU preocupada por mala imagen.’ La Natión., 22 Oct 1982. ... Alternatively, download the citation as:. RIS. Text. Close. ‘ONU preocupada por mala imagen.’ La Natión., 22 Oct 1982.

archives.lincoln.ox.ac.uk/records/LC/MS/ARG/1/9/215- 22k - Cached

7. Caroline Mala Corbin | OHRH

Caroline Mala Corbin. Caroline Mala Corbin is a Professor of Law and Dean's Distinguished Scholar at the University of Miami School of Law.

ohrh.law.ox.ac.uk/author/carolinemalacorbin/- 481k - Cached

8. Diwakar Acharya | Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

299–317. An Investigation into the Background of the Śaiva Siddhānta Concept of Innate Impurity (mala), in Journal of Indian Philosophy 42 (2014), 1: pp.

orinst.web.ox.ac.uk/people/diwakar-acharya- 88k - 3 Aug 2022 - Cached

9. Site list

staff.admin.ox.ac.uk/sitelist.html- 147k - 7 Aug 2022 - Cached

10. Databases | The Oxford Roman Economy Project

10-10. Shipwreck. Coordinates: 42.38333N 16.26666E (Mala Palagruza).

oxrep.classics.ox.ac.uk/databases/shipwrecks_database/60to80/records/1168/- 9k - Cached

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