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1. Vaccine for treating cancer made possible using Oxford COVID vaccine technology | University of Oxford

Called MAGE-A3 and NY-ESO-1, these two targets were previously validated by the Ludwig Institute. ... MAGE proteins have an advantage over other cancer antigens as vaccine targets since they are present on a wide range of tumour types.

www.ox.ac.uk/news/2021-09-03-vaccine-treating-cancer-made-possible-using-oxford-covid-vaccine-technology- 56k - 17 Sep 2021 - Cached

2. The Holinshed Texts (1587, Volume 6, p. 287)

The Holinshed Project: The Texts

english.nsms.ox.ac.uk/holinshed/texts.php?text1=1587_3603- 11k - Cached

3. The Holinshed Texts (1587, Volume 6, p. 287)

The Holinshed Project: The Texts

english.nsms.ox.ac.uk/holinshed/texts.php?text1=1587_3604- 11k - Cached

4. Production of an antigenic peptide by insulin-degrading enzyme. — Nuffield Department of Medicine

Here we show that a proteasome-independent peptide derived from the human tumor protein MAGE-A3 is produced directly by insulin-degrading enzyme (IDE), a cytosolic metallopeptidase. ... Separate inhibition of the metallopeptidase and the proteasome

www.ndm.ox.ac.uk/publications/589354- 43k - Cached

5. Brian McClellan | University of Oxford Podcasts - Audio and Video Lectures

A look at Brian McClellan, author of The Powder Mage trilogy.

podcasts.ox.ac.uk/brian-mcclellan- 30k - 15 Sep 2021 - Cached

6. Nicholas Crowe | Pitt Rivers Museum

In 2014, Nicholas was the freelance curator for the exhibition ‘Travelling with Unfamiliar Spirits’ at I:MAGE gallery, London, which resulted in a conference on esoteric art at the Warburg institute

www.prm.ox.ac.uk/people/nicholas-crowe- 108k - 14 Sep 2021 - Cached

7. Study measures light's radical impact on bird behaviour | University of Oxford

Migratory birds are both attracted to and influenced by light. As a result, their behaviours alter drastically in the presence of artificial light at night, according to a new Oxford University collaboration, that was conducted at a unique landmark:

www.ox.ac.uk/news/2017-10-02-study-measures-lights-radical-impact-bird-behaviour- 58k - 18 Sep 2021 - Cached

8. Epiphany Carol Service | Merton College, Oxford

Preludes. Messiaen Les Mages. Clemens non Papa Canzona in G—'Magi veniunt ab oriente'.

www.merton.ox.ac.uk/event/epiphany-carol-service-2- 44k - Cached

9. BF: If DTIFitTensor image objects don't have a nvals property (86e9cbb8) · Commits · FSL / fsleyes / fsleyes · GitLab

FSLeyes, the FSL image viewer.

git.fmrib.ox.ac.uk/fsl/fsleyes/fsleyes/-/commit/86e9cbb8fcbbd2586d9184b76cf3fe8b3d1d228e- 131k - Cached

10. Strategic analysis and policy advice within the European Commission | Blavatnik School of Government

Leonardo Quattrucci, MPP Class of 2013

www.bsg.ox.ac.uk/strategic-analysis-and-policy-advice-within-european-commission- 30k - 13 Sep 2021 - Cached

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