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1. Return and re-admission in states’ migration policies | Forced Migration Review

Jean-Pierre Cassarino. The role of the state in protecting its citizens and in defending their rights and privileges has become closely intertwined with its capacity to secure its borders and regulate migration flows. The need of states to control,

www.fmreview.org/statelessness/cassarino- 60k - Cached

2. The European Union: a strategic approach | Forced Migration Review

Lieve Fransen. The European Union has developed policies and instruments that address – both directly and indirectly – sexual violence in conflict and beyond. Policy areas that are important in this respect include human rights, gender equality,

www.fmreview.org/sexualviolence/fransen- 66k - Cached

3. Towards an EU-wide regularisation scheme | Forced Migration Review

Alexandra Strang. The Council of Europe estimated in late 2007 that there are as many as 5.5 million irregular migrants residing in the EU. From both a human rights and a good governance perspective, this situation is crying out for change. The EU

www.fmreview.org/statelessness/strang- 61k - Cached

4. https://www.arch.ox.ac.uk/files/mastergreenbook201920toprintpdf-0

Approaches to research on and with visual and material culture: the role of the museum (LvB) Hilary Term (8 lectures) Lecturer: Prof.

www.arch.ox.ac.uk/files/mastergreenbook201920toprintpdf-0- 1211k - 24 Jan 2020 - Cached

5. www.stats.ox.ac.uk/~winkel/FormanPalRizzoloWinkel2018arxiv.pdf

PROJECTIONS OF THE ALDOUS CHAIN ON BINARY TREES:. INTERTWINING AND CONSISTENCY. NOAH FORMAN, SOUMIK PAL, DOUGLAS RIZZOLO, AND MATTHIAS WINKEL. Abstract. Consider the Aldous Markov chain on the space of rooted binary. trees with n labeled leaves in

www.stats.ox.ac.uk/~winkel/FormanPalRizzoloWinkel2018arxiv.pdf- 597k - 6 Feb 2018 - Cached

6. www.transcomm.ox.ac.uk/Newsletters/seven.pdf

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www.transcomm.ox.ac.uk/Newsletters/seven.pdf- 682k - 9 May 2002 - Cached

7. Microsoft Word - final case study report dec 2007.doc

Prepared for the eGovernment Unit. DG Information Society and Media European Commission. eGovernment Unit DG Information Society and Media. European Commission. Breaking Barriers to eGovernment. Overcoming obstacles to improving European public

www.oii.ox.ac.uk/archive/downloads/research/egovbarriers/deliverables/casestudy/Case_study_report.pdf- 1455k - 7 Jan 2008 - Cached

8. Breaking Barriers to eGovernment: Deliverable 1b

Breaking Barriers to eGovernment

www.oii.ox.ac.uk/archive/downloads/research/egovbarriers/deliverables/1b/A_Legal_and_Institutional_Analysis_of_Barriers_to_eGovernment.pdf- 1255k - 7 Jan 2008 - Cached

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