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1. Roger Chapman Doctor, Group Head / PI, Consultant Physician, Member of congregation and Supervisor - Experimental Medicine Division

Research Area:. Genetics and Genomics. Technology Exchange:. SNP typing. Whilst working as a Lecturer on the Liver Unit at the Royal Free Hospital under the supervision of Professor Dame Sheila Sherlock, I developed two main interests. Firstly, I

www.expmedndm.ox.ac.uk/roger-chapman- 652k - Cached

2. Ellie (Eleanor) Barnes - Experimental Medicine Division

Research Area:. Immunology. Technology Exchange:. Bioinformatics, Cellular immunology, Flow cytometry, Gene therapy, SNP typing and Vaccine production and evaluation. Scientific Themes:. Immunology & Infectious Disease. I lead an established

www.expmedndm.ox.ac.uk/principal-investigators-2/researcher/ellie-eleanor-barnes- 531k - Cached

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