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1. Hoard Details 13862

Coin Hoards. of the Roman Empire. Download CSV:City. Avranches. County. Manche. ... ID. 13862. Hoard name. AVRANCHES. Alternative names. INGENA. Data type. Hoard.

chre.ashmus.ox.ac.uk/hoard/13862- 18k - Cached

2. Record | The Cult of Saints

Venantius Fortunatus writes the Life of Paternus (monk, then bishop of Avranches, ob.

csla.history.ox.ac.uk/record.php?recid=S02838- 5k - Cached

3. Record | The Cult of Saints

13. Near Avranches, Paternus heals the contracted hands of a female servant of a certain Ursus. ... bishop of Avranches (E06724); Germanus, 6th c. bishop of Paris (E06714); and Radegund, 6th c.

csla.history.ox.ac.uk/record.php?recid=E06724- 23k - Cached

4. Record | The Cult of Saints

Summary:. A blind citizen of Avranches, went to the church of Martin and spent much time fasting and praying.

csla.history.ox.ac.uk/record.php?recid=E03532- 16k - Cached

5. Record | The Cult of Saints

Bishop Leodovald of Avranches [sent] his presbyter and piously requested relics of the holy lord [Martin]. ... Leodovald became bishop of Avranches in 576 or 577, shortly before he asked for relics of Martin.

csla.history.ox.ac.uk/record.php?recid=E03213- 18k - Cached

6. Emily Winkler | Fellow by Special Election | St Edmund Hall

Review Article of L’Historiographie médiévale normande et ses sources antiques (Xe-XIIe siècle): Actes du colloque de Cerisy-la-Salle et du Scriptorial d’Avranches (8-11 octobre 2009), ed.

www.seh.ox.ac.uk/people/emily-winkler- 50k - 3 Jul 2022 - Cached

7. Dr Richard Allen | Faculty of History

I am therefore working to collect and edit this important material for the dioceses of Lower Normandy (Avranches, Bayeux, Coutances and Sées), the results of which will be published both online

www.history.ox.ac.uk/people/dr-richard-allen- 124k - 29 Jun 2022 - Cached

8. Hottot Papers | Pitt Rivers Museum

b. Envelope addressed to Robert Hottot in Brazzaville, unstamped. 2/117. Postcard of the animal fair (‘La Marche aux Bestiaux’) in Avranches, from Robert Hottot to Albert Marion, 8 August 1906. ... 2/118. Postcard of a building called ‘La

www.prm.ox.ac.uk/hottot-papers- 148k - 28 Jun 2022 - Cached

9. Medieval manuscripts: how we are working from home | TORCH | The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities

By checking some online databases and chasing up our online bibliography for the manuscript we can see that this text is in fact by Henry of Avranches.

www.torch.ox.ac.uk/article/medieval-manuscripts-how-we-are-working-from-home- 92k - 29 Jun 2022 - Cached

10. Hoard Details 5882

Bordeaux, R. - 1855 - Procès-verbal de la séance archéologique tenue à Avranches, Le 20 juillet 1854, par la Société Française pour la Conservation des Monuments, pendant le congrès de l'association

chre.ashmus.ox.ac.uk/hoard/5882- 21k - Cached

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