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1. Laurence Lustgarten | Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

Police Complaints Commission (2003–7), and has also lectured for the Council of Europe, Human Rights Training for Judiciary and Police, the Judicial Studies Board (JSB) of England and Wales, the

reutersinstitute.politics.ox.ac.uk/people/laurence-lustgarten- 25k - 22 May 2020 - Cached

2. Cellular electron cryo tomography and in situ sub-volume averaging reveal the context of microtubule-based processes — Oxford Particle Imaging Centre


www.opic.ox.ac.uk/publications/633978- 28k - Cached

3. Jean-Sébastien Blanc | Oxford Law Faculty

Info For:. You are here. Jean-Sébastien Blanc. Director of Thematic Programmes, Association for the Prevention of Torture. Profile menu. Contact. Address. See also. Landscapes of Border Control. Jean-Sébastien Blanc has been working since 2010 for

www.law.ox.ac.uk/people/jean-sebastien-blanc- 27k - 3 Dec 2019 - Cached

4. Molecular architecture of mouse activating NKR-P1 receptors — The Division of Structural Biology


www.strubi.ox.ac.uk/publications/554698- 58k - Cached

5. Native structure of a retroviral envelope protein and its conformational change upon interaction with the target cell — Oxford Particle Imaging Centre


www.opic.ox.ac.uk/publications/630927- 28k - Cached

6. How vaccinia virus has evolved to subvert the host immune response — The Division of Structural Biology


www.strubi.ox.ac.uk/publications/127164- 58k - Cached

7. Automation of large scale transient protein expression in mammalian cells — The Division of Structural Biology


www.strubi.ox.ac.uk/publications/141227- 58k - Cached

8. Correlative VIS-fluorescence and soft X-ray cryo-microscopy/tomography of adherent cells — The Division of Structural Biology


www.strubi.ox.ac.uk/publications/222360- 58k - Cached

9. Crystal structure of the Trim5α Bbox2 domain from rhesus macaques describes a plastic oligomerisation interface — The Division of Structural Biology


www.strubi.ox.ac.uk/publications/954507- 58k - Cached

10. Building the atomic model of a boreal lake virus of unknown fold in a 3.9 Å cryo-EM map — The Division of Structural Biology


www.strubi.ox.ac.uk/publications/746083- 58k - Cached

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