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1. Dr Simon Guiraud : Utrophin modulation strategy in the therapy of Duchenne muscular dystrophy - Oxford Talks

Toggle navigation. Dr Simon Guiraud : Utrophin modulation strategy in the therapy of Duchenne muscular dystrophy. ... Organiser contact email address: simon.guiraud@dpag.ox.ac.uk.

talks.ox.ac.uk/talks/id/abcee967-a2ec-4cd5-9e9b-885800b3437e/- 16k - Cached

2. Professor Angela Russell - Research Guides

Selected Publications. Guiraud, S, Squire, SE, Edwards, B, Chen, H, Burns, DT, Shah, N, Babbs, A, Davies, SG, Wynne, GM, Russell, AJ, Elsey, D, Wilson, FX, Tinsley, JM, and Davies, KE.

research.chem.ox.ac.uk/angela-russell.aspx- 44k - Cached

3. Practical Thermobarometry: THERMOCALC bibliography

and Guiraud, M. (1990). Calculated greenschist facies mineral equilibria in the system CaO-FeO-MgO-Al2O3-SiO2-CO2-H2O. ... Powell, R. and Guiraud, M. (1999). Can a reaction be written between a set of minerals within error?

www.earth.ox.ac.uk/~davewa/pt/th_biblio.html- 10k - 15 Oct 2004 - Cached

4. Small molecule utrophin modulators for the therapy of Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) — Department of Pharmacology

Russell A., Vuorinen A., Willis N., Conole D., Chatzopoulou M., Emer E., Wilkinson I., Davies S., Guiraud S., Squire S., Babbs A., Dugdale H., Edwards B., Hemming S., Moir L., Perkins

www.pharm.ox.ac.uk/publications/938522- 65k - Cached

5. Dr Simon Guiraud - Oxford Talks

Toggle navigation. Dr Simon Guiraud. DPAG, University of Oxford. Events this person is speaking at:.

talks.ox.ac.uk/talks/persons/id/dec58208-c816-4338-a0a0-317c974a0825- 6k - Cached

6. Sarah Squire — Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics (DPAG)

Journal article. Guiraud S. et al, (2019), Hum Mol Genet, 28, 307 - 319. ... Journal article. Guiraud S. et al, (2017), Sci Rep, 7.

www.dpag.ox.ac.uk/team/sarah-squire- 327k - Cached

7. SGD Group - Publications - Steve Davies Group

M.; Guiraud, S.; Harriman, S.; Moir, L.; Robinson, N.; Rowley, J. ... Guiraud, S.; Squire, S. E.; Edwards, B.; Chen, H.; Burns, D.

davies.chem.ox.ac.uk/2015-current-1.aspx- 53k - Cached

8. FSCD 2017

Stefano Guerrini, LIPN- Université Paris 13. Yves Guiraud, INRIA- Université Paris 7.

www.cs.ox.ac.uk/conferences/fscd2017/participants.html- 14k - Cached

9. Hoard Details 4191

Seven silver spoons with spatulate forms. Reference (string). TAF V. 25a (Rhône); Guiraud 1981; Guggisberg & Kaufmann-Heinimann 2003, 334, no.

chre.ashmus.ox.ac.uk/hoard/4191- 19k - Cached

10. Roman: generic

86. Cornelian ringstone, shape F2. 12x10x3. Cited by H. Guiraud in Intailles et camées de l'époque romaine en Gaule (1988) 149, no.

www.beazley.ox.ac.uk/gems/danicourt/generic.htm- 18k - Cached

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