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1. Why does it take so long to see a GP? | University of Oxford

Why does it take so long to see a GP? Image credit: Shutterstock. ... However, getting to see a GP is increasingly becoming more of a challenge.

www.ox.ac.uk/news/science-blog/why-does-it-take-so-long-see-gp- 50k - 28 Mar 2020 - Cached

2. Department of Computer Science: Positioning in GPS-denied Environments

Positioning in GPS-denied Environments. Whereas GPS is a de facto positioning solution for outdoor environments, it does not work well indoors or underground. ... We adopt two distinct approaches to solving the localisation problem in GPS-denied

www.cs.ox.ac.uk/activities/indoor_positioning/index.html- 35k - Cached

3. Variation in GP referral and treatment rates - Oxford Talks

Toggle navigation. Variation in GP referral and treatment rates. Abstract not yet added.

talks.ox.ac.uk/talks/id/f70ed53a-3be0-4225-a607-5f2a2de79c7a/- 9k - Cached

4. Medical emergencies | University of Oxford

You will be assessed over the telephone and following the assessment, a local GP will telephone you back, usually within an hour.

www.ox.ac.uk/students/welfare/health/emergencies- 65k - 27 Mar 2020 - Cached

5. Access to health care for overseas visitors | Occupational Health Service

If you're planning to live and work in England, you need to register with a local GP. ... Again, it's up to the GP practice to decide whether or not they'll accept new patients.

occupationalhealth.admin.ox.ac.uk/overseas-visitors- 105k - 29 Mar 2020 - Cached

6. People | Mathematical Institute

Password. Main menu. Search form. Search. Text Resize. You are here. People. Oxford Mathematicians are descendants of a long lineage from the Merton School of the 14th Century to Christopher Wren in the 17th Century and Hardy and Penrose in the 20th

www.maths.ox.ac.uk/people- 100k - 27 Mar 2020 - Cached

7. Welcome — University of Oxford, Medical Sciences Division

Cookies on this website. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you click 'Continue' we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies and you won't see this message again. Click 'Find out more' for

www.medsci.ox.ac.uk/- 996k - Cached

8. Green Templeton College

Green Templeton College is a graduate community at the heart of the University of Oxford. It brings together students, academics and practitioners focused on business, medicine and social sciences. Green Templeton is interdisciplinary and

www.gtc.ox.ac.uk/- 56k - Cached

9. Home - Kellogg Student HandbookKellogg Student Handbook

Please read this Student Handbook carefully. It contains information on a variety of important subjects and sets out the detailed regulations governing your relationship with the College. Oxford is a complex institution which operates in a unique

handbook.kellogg.ox.ac.uk/- 39k - Cached

10. Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, University of Oxford — Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences

UK GPs tend to overestimate the benefit or harm associated with prescription drugs for long-term conditions, finds survey led by Dr Julian Treadwell. ... We welcome requests to collaborate on clinical research from research centres and GP practices.

www.phc.ox.ac.uk/- 200k - 24 Mar 2020 - Cached

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