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1. Yarin Gal - Home Page | Oxford Machine Learning

I am an Associate Professor of Machine Learning at the University of Oxford Computer Science department, and head of the Oxford Applied and Theoretical Machine Learning Group (OATML). I am also the Tutorial Fellow in Computer Science at Christ Church

www.cs.ox.ac.uk/people/yarin.gal/website/- 20k - Cached

2. Welcome | Ashmolean Museum

Gal. In this latest Curator’s Choice talk, Milena will tell us more about this intriguing, but little-known cast of a statuette - one of Milena's favourite pieces in the

www.ashmolean.org/home- 267k - 19 Oct 2021 - Cached

3. OxCSML: Index

Provably Strict Generalisation Benefit for Equivariant Models by Bryn Elesedy andby Jannik Kossen, Sebastian Farquhar, Yarin Gal andby David Tolpin,and Hongseok Yang. ... On Signal-to-Noise Ratio Issues in Variational Inference for Deep Gaussian Process

mlcs.stats.ox.ac.uk/- 29k - 20 Oct 2021 - Cached

4. Dr Adam Gal | Mathematical Institute

Symmetric Self-Adjoint Hopf Categories and a Categorical Heisenberg Double. Gal, A; Gal, E. ... Hall categories and KLR categorification (with E.gal and K. Kremnizer), arXiv:1810.06960.

www.maths.ox.ac.uk/people/adam.gal- 78k - 22 Oct 2021 - Cached

5. OII | Danit Gal

A multidisciplinary research and teaching department of the University of Oxford, dedicated to the social science of the Internet

www.oii.ox.ac.uk/people/danit-gal/- 63k - Cached

6. Oxford Applied and Theoretical Machine Learning Group - OATML

Oehm, Julia Fabienne Sandkühler, Laurence Aitchison, Tomas Gavenciak, Thomas Mellan, Jan Kulveit, Leonid Chindelevitch, Seth Flaxman, Yarin Gal, Swapnil Mishra, Samir Bhatt, Jan Brauner). ... Juliette T. Unwin, Yarin Gal, Meera Chand, Axel Gandy, Javier

oatml.cs.ox.ac.uk/- 52k - Cached

7. MIT Technology Review names Yarin Gal on their Innovators Under 35 Europe 2019 list

Toggle Main Menu. MIT Technology Review names Yarin Gal on their Innovators Under 35 Europe 2019 list.

www.cs.ox.ac.uk/news/1773-full.html- 26k - Cached

8. MPP Class of 2016 | Blavatnik School of Government

Nattawat Theeralerttham - Thai. Matthew Townsend - American. Gal Treger - Israeli.

www.bsg.ox.ac.uk/mpp-class-2016- 34k - 18 Oct 2021 - Cached

9. My Chorus phone details | IT Help

Private - the number will not be shown in the directory in the Chorus Web Portal (), the Nexus Global Address List (GAL) or the Contact Search. ... Portal (). Public - the number will be shown in the Chorus Web Portal (), the Nexus Global Address List

help.it.ox.ac.uk/my-phone-details- 115k - 20 Oct 2021 - Cached

10. Danit Gal - The Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy (PCMLP)

Search for:. Search for:. Danit Gal. Danit Gal. Danit Gal. Danit is a graduate of the Oxford Internet Institute, the University of Oxford, and the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, Israel, specializing in ... By admin | 2018-08-23T07:17:0701:00 October

pcmlp.socleg.ox.ac.uk/danit-gal/- 59k - 29 Oct 2015 - Cached

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