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1. Pizzari Group | Department of Zoology

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA , 115, E53-E61. Firman RC, Gasparini C, Manier MK, Pizzari T 2017 Postmating Female Control: 20 Years of Cryptic Female Choice.

www.zoo.ox.ac.uk/pizzari-group- 82k - 23 Oct 2020 - Cached

2. Ashmolean

Title. Imperial Mughal firman of Muhammad Shah. Artist/maker.

collections.ashmolean.org/collection/browse-9148/per_page/25/offset/0/sort_by/object%20type/category/drawings/start/1700/end/1799/object/32170- 33k - Cached

3. Ashmolean

Title. Imperial Mughal firman, said to be of Ahmad Shah. Artist/maker.

collections.ashmolean.org/collection/browse-9148/per_page/25/offset/0/sort_by/object%20type/category/drawings/start/1700/end/1799/object/32171- 33k - Cached

4. Darfur y las fallas en Holder contra el Proyecto de Ley Humanitaria | Forced Migration Review

Los instrumentos que los grupos armados no estatales firman con las ONG o las organizaciones internacionales no transforma oficialmente su estatus y la mayoría de los acuerdos (si no todos) contienen

www.fmreview.org/es/no-estatales/Thornton.htm- 70k - Cached

5. Ashmolean

This is a visual browsing tool that maps objects by date of creation onto a timeline. The circles indicate where online objects feature on the timeline. Each circle represents at least one object within a span of 100 years around that point. The

collections.ashmolean.org/collection/browse-9148/per_page/25/sort_by/object%20type/sort_order/asc/category/drawings/start/1700/end/1799/view_as/list- 99k - Cached

6. Patrocinio privado de refugiados en Canadá | Forced Migration Review

Una cantidad más pequeña de refugiados no recibe el patrocinio de los SAH, sino que lo hace mediante "grupos de cinco"; estos son grupos de personas que firman un compromiso para

www.fmreview.org/es/reasentamiento/hyndman-payne-jimenez- 75k - Cached

7. wiki.oii.ox.ac.uk/doku.php?do=export_raw&id=sdp:sdp2019:people:people

sdp:sdp2019:people:ana-bilandzic|Ana Bilandzic]] [[Yingying Chen]] [[Kelley Cotter]] [[Nathaniel Curran]] [[Firman Firmansyah]] [[Claudia Flores-Saviaga]] [[David Jonathan Garcia]] [[Yuval Goldfus]] [[Angela Heeler]] [[Karen Huang]] [[Mohammad

wiki.oii.ox.ac.uk/doku.php?do=export_raw&id=sdp:sdp2019:people:people- 2k - Cached

8. Iznik Pottery: 'Golden Horn ware'

This distinctive spiral decoration derives straight from manuscript illumination, and especially from the decorated background of Ottoman imperial tughras, such as appear on official documents, or firmans.

islamicceramics.ashmolean.org/Iznik/golden.htm- 5k - 17 Sep 2012 - Cached

9. Modernizing Muslim Family Law: The Case of Egypt | Oxford University Comparative Law Forum

by Lama Abu-Odeh. (2004) Oxford U Comparative L Forum 3 at ouclf.law.ox.ac.uk | How to cite this article. Introduction. Egyptian feminists who advocate reform of Egyptian family law are often charged with supporting changes that are un-Islamic. . 1.

ouclf.law.ox.ac.uk/modernizing-muslim-family-law-the-case-of-egypt/- 419k - Cached

10. Iznik: Timeline of Main Developments

1585 Firman sent in April to Kadi at Iznik to ensure an order for palace is completed & that arrange- ments made for transport. ... Firman in July complaining order not fulfilled & potters had been working for merchants (more profit- able!). }

islamicceramics.ashmolean.org/Iznik/timeline.htm- 29k - 17 Sep 2012 - Cached

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