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1. Basil Oliver Moon — Magdalen War Memorial

west-south-west of Béthune, on 21 March, and arrived at the trenches near Givenchy-lès-la-Bassée, about four miles to the east of Béthune and just north of Cambrin, ... th. Brigade, in the 47. th. (London) Division, Moon’s Battalion took up its

slowdusk.magd.ox.ac.uk/people/basil-oliver-moon/- 30k - Cached

2. Robert George Henry Copeman — Magdalen War Memorial

at a point that was roughly halfway between Loos-en-Gohelle and the crest of Hill 70, near Benifontaine and the south–north road to La Bassée. ... From 9 to 11 January the Battalion returned to the trenches near Givenchy-lès-la-Bassée that it had

slowdusk.magd.ox.ac.uk/people/robert-george-henry-copeman/- 19k - Cached

3. The Merton College War Memorial | Merton College, Oxford

He fell in action at Givenchy-lès-la-Bassée on 10 March 1915, during the Battle of Neuve Chapelle. ... In July 1917 he volunteered his services in the San Francisco Base Hospital Unit, No.

www.merton.ox.ac.uk/merton-college-war-memorial- 363k - Cached

4. Thomas Sorell Arnold — Magdalen War Memorial

It spent six days here before taking up a position in the right sub-sector of the front-line trenches near Givenchy-lès-la-Bassée, halfway between Festubert and Cuinchy and ... just north of the La Bassée Canal.

slowdusk.magd.ox.ac.uk/people/thomas-sorell-arnold/- 29k - Cached

5. Gordon Pemberton Steer — Magdalen War Memorial

From 25 to 27 October the Battalion was in the trenches at Cuinchy, south of the La Bassée–Béthune canal, and in billets at Les Harisoirs and Le Préol, just east ... From 5 to 10 November it was in the trenches at Givenchy-lès-la-Bassée, just

slowdusk.magd.ox.ac.uk/people/gordon-pemberton-steer/- 35k - Cached

6. Alastair Graham Menzies — Magdalen War Memorial

On the next day, it crossed the Canal d’Aire at the village of Cuinchy in order to recapture trenches and then attacked in the direction of Givenchy-lès-la-Bassée, ... Andrew, Schoolhouse, for his untiring services as secretary of the Memorial

slowdusk.magd.ox.ac.uk/people/alastair-graham-menzies/- 36k - Cached

7. Eustace Lyle Gibbs — Magdalen War Memorial

He held impromptu and more informal services when and where he could, even on 16 July 1916 (i.e. ... Apart from conducting services,. “his real job was to get to know the men and officers and help them in every possible way.

slowdusk.magd.ox.ac.uk/people/eustace-lyle-gibbs/- 185k - Cached

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