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1. Corin Gawith | NQIT

Corin Gawith is a Principal Research Fellow at the University of Southampton and also Co-founder and CTO of the Southampton spin-out company, Covesion Ltd. ... Corin's research interests are in photonics process development, enterprise, and knowledge

nqit.ox.ac.uk/person/corin-gawith- 50k - 10 Apr 2020 - Cached

2. The Ruskin School of Art - Corin Sworn Wins Philip Leverhulme Prize

Please read ourLatest News. Corin Sworn wins Philip Leverhulme Prize. Corin Sworn has been awarded the Philip Leverhulme Prize with a project that utilises photography and film with sculpture.

www.rsa.ox.ac.uk/news/detail/corin-sworn-wins-philip-leverhulme-prize- 14k - 12 Aug 2020 - Cached

3. The Ruskin School of Art - Corin Sworn

The University of Oxford's Fine Art department, one of the UK's leading Art Schools.

www.rsa.ox.ac.uk/people/corin-sworn- 17k - 12 Aug 2020 - Cached

4. Eiko Soga | Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies

Corin Sworn and Professor Sho Konishi . Previous Degree Programme: MSc in Japanese Studies 2017/2018.

www.nissan.ox.ac.uk/people/eiko-soga- 86k - 10 Aug 2020 - Cached

5. The Haunted House (1994) | APGRD

The Haunted House (1994). Original id:. 3119. Start date:. 18 January 1994. Degree of relationship to ancient play:. Translation. Production notes:. Sophocles' Oedipus (ID 3118) and Plautus' The Haunted House (ID 3119) were staged in a double bill.

www.apgrd.ox.ac.uk/productions/production/3119- 42k - 12 Aug 2020 - Cached

6. About | OCCT

Colin Burrow, Mr Peter Ghosh, Ms Corin Sworn, Dr Nick Halmi, Dr Stefano-Maria Evangelista, Dr Hannah Sullivan, Dr Sian Grönlie, Dr Rebecca Beasley, Prof Ritchie Robertson, Prof Michael Sheringham, Dr

www.occt.ox.ac.uk/about- 26k - Cached

7. People | NQIT

The Directors, lead academics and support staff for NQIT, located across nine universities in the UK.

nqit.ox.ac.uk/content/people- 77k - 9 Apr 2020 - Cached

8. Health, Welfare & Disability - St Anne's College, Oxford

College Health, Welfare & Disability Support We have an excellent reputation for student welfare at St Anne’s and we encourage you to be familiar with what’s available. The ‘welfare team’ includes members of the Decanal Team, College Officers

www.st-annes.ox.ac.uk/current-students/welfare-access/- 122k - Cached

9. Reviews of miscellaneous books, plays, and films concerning Wilde and Douglas, as follows:

MC:P204/3/17N/22: “Independent”, 6 Jan 2001 (notice of Corin Redgrave’s reading of “De Profundis”). ... MC:P204/3/17N/24: “Independent”, 10 Jan 2001 (preview of a performance of “De Profundis” by Corin Redgrave).

archive-cat.magd.ox.ac.uk/records/P204/3/17N/1-27- 28k - Cached

10. Inspirational Teachers Award | University of Oxford

Corin Jones of Burntwood School in Wandsworth, London. Nominated by Lucia Hayward-Vera studying Biological Sciences at St Peter's College.

www.ox.ac.uk/admissions/undergraduate/applying-to-oxford/teachers/oxford-university-inspirational-teachers-award- 83k - 7 Aug 2020 - Cached

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