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1. Reverse Charge on Construction Services | Finance Division

However, construction services supplied to an “end user” (such as the University itself) will be unaffected. ... A domestic reverse charge means that the customer receiving the supply of construction services must account for the VAT due rather than

finance.admin.ox.ac.uk/reverse-charge-construction-services- 154k - 8 Jul 2020 - Cached

2. Managing journals and transfers - Overview | Finance Division

Search form. Managing journals and transfers - Overview. Journals and transfers are used for various reasons, for example month-end general ledger (GL) accrual adjustments, clearing balances off project pre-award or suspense accounts, and correcting

finance.admin.ox.ac.uk/journals/overview- 158k - 8 Jul 2020 - Cached

3. Home | Finance Division

a range of support services including financial operations, financial reporting, financial support and professional services.

finance.admin.ox.ac.uk/home- 164k - 8 Jul 2020 - Cached

4. Managing journals and transfers - Review | Finance Division

Search form. Managing journals and transfers - Review. It is recommended that approval limits are set so that the majority of journals and transfers are checked and approved through the process of posting them. If journals and transfers have been

finance.admin.ox.ac.uk/journals/review- 162k - 8 Jul 2020 - Cached

5. Pensions | Finance Division

Search form. Pensions. Please note that with effect from 23 March 2020 Pensions Office staff will be working from home in line with Finance Division coronavirus guidelines. All written communications should be sent by email as it is likely that post

finance.admin.ox.ac.uk/pensions- 176k - 8 Jul 2020 - Cached

6. Managing journals and transfers - Journal and transfer approval | Finance Division

Search form. Managing journals and transfers - Journal and transfer approval. All journals and transfers, whether general ledger (GL) or projects, must be appropriately approved. This may be via self-approval up to a delegated limit. Journals must

finance.admin.ox.ac.uk/journals/approval- 166k - 8 Jul 2020 - Cached

7. Salary Scales | Finance Division

For full details please refer to Personnel Services Revised Salary and Grading Structure:. ... For full details please refer to the circular number PERS(19)07 on the Personnel Services website.

finance.admin.ox.ac.uk/salary-scales- 293k - 8 Jul 2020 - Cached

8. Payroll | Finance Division

Search form. Payroll. University employees can now access payslips and P60s online, via HR Self-Service. Visit the Staff Gateway page for more information. The Payroll team can also advise on expenses and benefits, employment tax status, and manage

finance.admin.ox.ac.uk/payroll- 152k - 3 Jul 2020 - Cached

9. Taxation | Finance Division

Search form. Taxation. These pages are designed to support staff at all levels who have any responsibility for financial activity in their departments. They are intended to provide advice and guidance on how to ensure we meet all statutory and legal

finance.admin.ox.ac.uk/tax- 164k - 8 Jul 2020 - Cached

10. Expenses | Finance Division

Wherever possible, the University's Purchasing to Pay (P2P) system should be used to purchase goods or services in the first instance, with a University credit card being used as the ... Download Policy (PDF). : Payment Services. Finance Division.

finance.admin.ox.ac.uk/expenses- 171k - 8 Jul 2020 - Cached

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