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1. Record | The Cult of Saints

s) Peter and Paul, John, Martin and other saints are known to be venerated, we have granted them this:, that they may construct monasteries there, in accordance with a coenobitic Rule, ... a bone memorię avunculo nostro Sigiberto quondam rege ob amorem

csla.history.ox.ac.uk/record.php?recid=E06226- 15k - Cached

2. The Oxford Cantigas de Santa Maria database | View Miracles

Michaëlis Archangeli honorifice admodum constructa est.

csm.mml.ox.ac.uk/index.php?p=miracle_view&rec=24&col=3- 3k - Cached

3. The Oxford Cantigas de Santa Maria database | View Miracles

Incipit:. In loco que Tumba dicitur quedam ecclesia in honore Sancti Michaelis archangeli honorifice admodum constructa est.

csm.mml.ox.ac.uk/index.php?p=miracle_view&rec=437&col=29- 3k - Cached

4. Record | The Cult of Saints

Extract:. In ecclesia beati martyris Eleutherii, quae in Histoniensium civitatis parochia probatur esse constructa, Julianum diaconum, si ni in eo est quod contra canonum veniat instituta, presbyteri honore decorabis.

csla.history.ox.ac.uk/record.php?recid=E06910- 8k - Cached

5. qav.cs.ox.ac.uk/papers/tacas13.pdf

Underlying algorithms. The core parts of the model checking algorithm forrPATL are based on reductions to two-player stochastic games, by construct-ing a coalition game where player 1 plays represents ... for the property (using rPATL model checking

qav.cs.ox.ac.uk/papers/tacas13.pdf- 321k - 13 Jan 2013 - Cached

6. paper.dvi

Instead of bounding the MeanSquare Error, they prefer to use the Central Limit Theorem to constructa confidence interval which bounds E[P ] with a user-prescribed confidence.This exploits the fact ... In some cases, it is very simple, but in other

people.maths.ox.ac.uk/gilesm/files/acta15.pdf- 495k - 5 Jun 2018 - Cached

7. The Oxford Cantigas de Santa Maria database | View Miracles

Rubric/Title in source:. De muliere quam inter maris undas perientem virgo maria [?]. Incipit:. In loco qui dicitur tumba est ecclesia sancti michaelis archangeli honorifice constructa.

csm.mml.ox.ac.uk/index.php?p=miracle_view&rec=1176&col=43- 3k - Cached

8. CMBX12

For any ω-regular property φ (αφ). ω we can constructa DRA, say Aφ, over αφ that accepts precisely φ. ... Figure 3 shows the corresponding PA. M̂, dashed lines indicating additions to construct M̂ from M̄.

qav.cs.ox.ac.uk/papers/RR-10-26.pdf- 413k - 21 Mar 2011 - Cached

9. Record | The Cult of Saints

constructa est, cui praeesse dinosceris, huiusmodi priuilegia praesentis auctoritatis nostrae decreto indulgemus.

csla.history.ox.ac.uk/record.php?recid=E06430- 10k - Cached

10. Detail Base :: Last Statues of Antiquity

virtute et providentia edomitis / (5) ubique barbararum gentium populis, / ad confirmandam limitis tutelam etiam / Tropeensium civitas auspicato a fundamentis / feliciter opere constructa est. /

laststatues.classics.ox.ac.uk/database/detail-base.php?record=LSA-1120- 19k - Cached

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