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1. Chief Information Security Officer | IT Services

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) will define and implement the University’s information security strategy and lead operational and improvement programmes in order to protect information assets, manage information security ... The CISO will

www.it.ox.ac.uk/chief-information-security-officer- 95k - 24 May 2020 - Cached

2. Hilary 2018 Meeting | ICTF

2.30pm - 4pm. James Smith (CISO) – EndPoint Security Update. A presentation to update colleagues on the aims of objectives of this project; progress made to date; and the planned approach to

www.ictf.ox.ac.uk/event/hilary-2018-meeting- 65k - 24 May 2020 - Cached

3. ICTF Conference #ICTF15

Chorus in Action -- Alan Williamson. 3D workshop? A day in the life of a CISO James Smith. ... Issues, incidents and improvements – in this session James Smith will talk about his experiences as the University’s interim CISO, the challenges and

old.ictf.ox.ac.uk/conference/2015/- 73k - 1 Jul 2015 - Cached

4. 3rd Update on Email Security | Information Security Team

Please contact the team at emailsecurity@infosec.ox.ac.uk if you have any questions or reach out to John Ireland (interim CISO, work stream sponsor) or Marko Jung (work stream

www.infosec.ox.ac.uk/article/3rd-update-on-email-security- 97k - 25 May 2020 - Cached

5. Update on Endpoint Security | IT Services Programmes and Projects

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Project Manager:.

projects.it.ox.ac.uk/article/update-on-endpoint-security- 102k - 24 May 2020 - Cached

6. news comment | Systems Security | Page 2

I’ve been telling people for ages that having a CISO is normal good practice these days.

www.cs.ox.ac.uk/blogs/sss/category/news-comment/page/2/- 23k - Cached

7. Oxford University ICT Forum

James Smith has been appointed as Chief Information Security Office (CISO) to start in August.

old.ictf.ox.ac.uk/meetings/minutes/TT15.html- 11k - 11 May 2016 - Cached

8. OII | CyberSafety Conference Keynote: Cyber Security and the ‘NEW’ World Enterprise — Oxford Internet Institute

Prior to the White House, Howard was chief security officer for Microsoft Corp., where his duties included CISO, CSO and forming and directing the Trustworthy Computing Security Strategies Group.

www.oii.ox.ac.uk/videos/cybersafety-conference-keynote-cyber-security-and-the-new-world-enterprise/- 75k - Cached

9. RSA gets a Chief Security Officer | Systems Security

I’ve been telling people for ages that having a CISO is normal good practice these days.

www.cs.ox.ac.uk/blogs/sss/2011/06/10/rsa-gets-a-chief-security-officer/- 12k - Cached

10. esI.dvi

Cij(k) = Ciso(k, ξ). (. δij k̂ik̂j). Caniso(k, ξ)[. b̂ib̂j ξ2k̂ik̂j ξ. (.

www-thphys.physics.ox.ac.uk/people/AlexanderSchekochihin/PartIIIM05/esI.pdf- 58k - 14 Oct 2005 - Cached

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