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1. Home — Oxford Big Data Institute

Menu. Search. The Big Data Institute (BDI) is an interdisciplinary research institute that focuses on the analysis of large, complex, heterogeneous data sets for research into the causes and consequences, prevention

www.bdi.ox.ac.uk/- 50k - Cached

2. Big Data and Development – Big Data and Development

There is no further funding available from the Big Data and Human Development Incubator. ... new applications in the fields of big data, digital business, and social innovation.

bigdatadevelopment.oii.ox.ac.uk/- 145k - Cached

3. E-ELT: Big eye opener | University of Oxford

OSB archive. Share This. E-ELT: Big eye opener. ... The wide range of science such a telescope could do is a powerful incentive to overcome the many technical and logistical challenges in building a telescope quite this big.

www.ox.ac.uk/news/science-blog/e-elt-big-eye-opener- 48k - 10 Dec 2019 - Cached

4. Big Data and History of Knowledge. | Cultures of Knowledge

Big Data and History of Knowledge: Virtual Reconstructions and Enhanced Publications as interfaces to research, education and cultural heritage. ... Designers and researchers can collaborate in creating more accessible and reliable environments for the

www.culturesofknowledge.org/?page_id=8909- 29k - Cached

5. Homepage | Homepage | Economics Website

What Role Can Big Cash Play in Policy?.

www.economics.ox.ac.uk/- 39k - 9 Dec 2019 - Cached

6. Online | University of Oxford

Big questions tackle complex ideas across a wide range of subjects and draw on the latest research undertaken at Oxford.

www.ox.ac.uk/oxfordforNE/online- 41k - 10 Dec 2019 - Cached

7. What role can big cash play in policy? | University of Oxford

Share This. What role can big cash play in policy? Speaker.

www.ox.ac.uk/event/what-role-can-big-cash-play-policy- 49k - 9 Dec 2019 - Cached

8. Big Data Institute | Estates Services

Big Data Institute. Location. Old Road Campus. Department(s). Medical Sciences Division.

estates.admin.ox.ac.uk/big-data-institute- 98k - 10 Dec 2019 - Cached

9. Begbroke Science Park | Begbroke Science Park

Home Test. Home. Begbroke Science Park. Welcome To Begbroke Science Park. No categories. Event Date: 11/03/2020. School Events Programme 2020 - Practical Nanoscience: Key Stage 3 Year 8/9. Event Date: 10/06/2020. Posted on: Nov 26th, 2019. DSTL AI

www.begbroke.ox.ac.uk/- 101k - 10 Dec 2019 - Cached

10. Home | University of Oxford Department of Physics

More. Enter the terms you wish to search for. In order to successfully tackle climate change, Professor Tim Palmer from Oxford University argues that we must invest in an ambitious new multi-national modelling strategy to further our knowledge of

www2.physics.ox.ac.uk/- 38k - Cached

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