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1. Record | The Cult of Saints

lam tunc in illo martyre. egit triumphum martyris:. successor aequus syngrapham [15].

csla.history.ox.ac.uk/record.php?recid=E05216- 16k - Cached

2. Record | The Cult of Saints

Illius quoque misselli homuncionis aequus in quo sedebat eodem momento sub eo in pauimento domus cecidit mortuus; ipse autem simul missellus in terram cadens manus in illam marmoream misit columnam eiusque

csla.history.ox.ac.uk/record.php?recid=E06094- 29k - Cached

3. Glossary – Medingen Manuscripts

billek adj. billig, gerecht Engl. just, fair Lat. aequus (71:7) Mante 71:7.

medingen.seh.ox.ac.uk/index.php/glossary/- 1092k - Cached

4. front cover.pdf

E X E T E R C O L L E G E. Register 2013. 1. ContentsEditorialFrom the RectorFrom the President of the MCRFrom the President of the JCR. John Bardwell (1921–2013)Walter Francis Edward Douglas (1917–2013)Sam Eadie (1935–2013)Colin Hunter

staging.exeter.ox.ac.uk/inc/uploads/2017/07/register-13.pdf- 1314k - 19 Aug 2014 - Cached

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