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1. Blink - University College Oxford

By Malcolm Gladwell. Video Review by Shannon (Experimental Psychology). Blink: The Power of Thinking without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell.

www.univ.ox.ac.uk/book/blink-power-thinking-without-thinking/- 68k - 6 Apr 2021 - Cached

2. Digi-Miss It - Brasenose College, Oxford

bar bar bar. Main menu. ›. Alumni›. Digi-Miss It. Digi-Miss It. Annual Diversity Lecture - “The effects of what you can't see”. Annual Diversity Lecture: “The effects of what you can't see”. The Annual Diversity Lecture guest speaker is

www.bnc.ox.ac.uk/alumni/recordings- 42k - 26 Jun 2022 - Cached

3. Equivalent own name bias in autism: An EEG study of the Attentional Blink — Department of Experimental Psychology

Search. Equivalent own name bias in autism: An EEG study of the Attentional Blink.

www.psy.ox.ac.uk/publications/1204179- 68k - Cached

4. Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford: Publication - 28 Blinks Later: Tackling Practical Challenges of Eye

28 Blinks Later: Tackling Practical Challenges of Eye. 28 Blinks Later: Tackling Practical Challenges of Eye.

www.cs.ox.ac.uk/publications/publication12756-abstract.html- 25k - 1 Jan 2019 - Cached

5. Spider-sense or nonsense? | University of Oxford

Puzzled and impressed by Spider-Man's ability to manufacture vast quantities of silk in the blink of an eye, Professor Vollrath states: 'In-depth analysis of an extensive online database

www.ox.ac.uk/news/science-blog/spider-sense-or-nonsense- 46k - 17 Jun 2022 - Cached

6. Spring School on Generic and Indexed Programming

Generic programming. is about making programs more widely applicable via exotic kinds of parametrization—not just along the dimensions of values or of types, but of things such as the shape of data, algebraic structures, strategies, computational

www.cs.ox.ac.uk/projects/gip/school.html- 7k - Cached

7. Delighted and distracted | Staff Gateway

Some days it felt like I’d forgotten to blink, and on others it would feel like I’d blink and a month had gone by with no progress.

staff.admin.ox.ac.uk/article/delighted-and-distracted-0- 119k - 28 Jun 2022 - Cached

8. Oxford's evolving IT needs | IT Services

Our desk phones were replaced in the blink of an eye by headsets and webcams, as we moved to remote working.

www.it.ox.ac.uk/article/evolving-it-needs- 113k - 26 Jun 2022 - Cached

9. Formation of Formations

One Model Calculation. Observed. Watch one form.. Watch two merge.. Can you classify it? How'd you do? Try it for real with a million real galaxies. using a different model. Then look at these Flicks instead. Structure of the Day. from the realm of

www-astro.physics.ox.ac.uk/~sames/struct.html- 9k - 1 Aug 2007 - Cached

10. Professor Andrew Parker | Green Templeton College

In the Blink of an Eye (2003). Simon & Schuster (London)/Perseus Press (Cambridge, USA translations), 316pp.

www.gtc.ox.ac.uk/about/fellows/andrew-parker/- 61k - 26 Jun 2022 - Cached

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