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1. ‘Capital of a Liquid Continent: The Port of Marseille, the Mediterranean Sea and the Re-Globalization of France, 1798-1935’ - Oxford Talks

Toggle navigation. ‘Capital of a Liquid Continent: The Port of Marseille, the Mediterranean Sea and the Re-Globalization of France, 1798-1935’.

talks.ox.ac.uk/talks/id/a594790b-b80d-4295-8cb9-0622f9c0cf99/- 9k - Cached

2. Théâtre de la Criée (Marseille, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France) | APGRD

Théâtre National de Marseille. ... Peace. Théâtre de la Criée (Marseille, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France), accessed at http://www.apgrd.ox.ac.uk/productions/venues/3780 <11 August 2022>.

www.apgrd.ox.ac.uk/productions/venues/3780- 37k - 11 Aug 2022 - Cached

3. France. Marseille. Quarentine station - Griffith Institute Archive

ItemFrance. Marseille. Quarentine station. Bonomi MSS 28.28. France. Marseille. Quarentine station. ... pencil sketch on paper. loose. 39 x 24 cm. [on sketch] 'Quarantine Marseilles' (ink note).

archive.griffith.ox.ac.uk/index.php/bonomi-28-28- 25k - Cached

4. How Fishers Manage Their Commons in Marseille: Private Governance and Its Limits | Oxford Law Blogs

In order to do so, the book focuses on the case of a medieval organisation, the Prud’homie de pêche, which the fishers of Marseille have maintained from its creation in ... The book then turns to the analysis of a series of events that the fishers of

blogs.law.ox.ac.uk/research-and-subject-groups/property-law/blog/2022/03/how-fishers-manage-their-commons-marseille- 28k - 1 Aug 2022 - Cached

5. HARMONI for the ELT

The project is currently in the Final Design Phase, with a number of sub-system Critical Design Reviews (CDRs) currently underway. ... HARMONI is being designed and built by a consortium of institutes in the UK, France and Spain.

harmoni-elt.physics.ox.ac.uk/- 7k - 12 Aug 2022 - Cached

6. Hoard Details 10627

Coin Hoards. of the Roman Empire. Download CSV:City. Marseilles. County. Bouches-du-Rhône. ... ID. 10627. Hoard name. MARSEILLES 1981. Data type. Single gold coin.

chre.ashmus.ox.ac.uk/hoard/10627- 16k - Cached

7. Viral infections in Laos | University of Oxford Podcasts

Infections such as dengue and Japanese encephalitis are important problems in Laos but confirmed data are lacking, particularly from outside the capital Vientiane. Rapid diagnostic tests that can be kept at tropical room temperature help better

podcasts.ox.ac.uk/viral-infections-laos- 27k - 10 Aug 2022 - Cached

8. Coral links ice to ancient 'mega flood' | University of Oxford

Previous research could not accurately date the sea-level rise but now an Aix-Marseille University-led team, including Oxford University scientists Alex Thomas and Gideon Henderson, has confirmed that the ... The team comprised researchers from

www.ox.ac.uk/news/2012-03-29-coral-links-ice-ancient-mega-flood- 52k - 12 Aug 2022 - Cached

9. The voyage to Port Said – London to Marseille

Amice Calverley and her brother, Captain Hugh Calverley, did not join the boat until Marseilles but Myrtle quickly got to know some of her fellow passengers. ... Two years later she still recalled the incident when she decided not to go ashore and risk

blog.griffith.ox.ac.uk/the-voyage-to-port-said-london-to-marseille/- 27k - 8 Mar 2022 - Cached

10. Marseille – Cultures of Knowledge: An Intellectual Geography of the Seventeenth-Century Republic of Letters

Marseille. Networks. Nicolas-Claude Fabri de Peiresc. Seventeenth Century. http://cofk.history.ox.ac.uk/?p=4747. In the eighth and final installment of the Project’s inaugural seminar series ... Focusing on the letters sent by the polymath from

cofk.history.ox.ac.uk/tag/marseille/feed/index.html- 4k - 10 Jun 2022 - Cached

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