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1. untitled

be expressed as: RSC(sspc)DFC SPCn(sspc) SPCn-1(sspc) … SPC1(sspc). Here, SPC1(sspc) repairs thebroken connection between atom 1 and the head atom, SPCi(sspc) connects atoms i

www.cs.ox.ac.uk/mosaics/publications/JCB-2010.pdf- 617k - 27 Oct 2010 - Cached

2. https://www.cs.ox.ac.uk/msctheses/701/1/2001_Blackford_M.pdf

4.C - E > 0 and thus F can be spcn to be Ilonllcgativp.

www.cs.ox.ac.uk/msctheses/701/1/2001_Blackford_M.pdf- 1217k - 14 Jan 2009 - Cached

3. https://www.cs.ox.ac.uk/msctheses/547/1/1997_Heather_J.pdf

J!os8iblf' t(U:ti(;8. FDR will search ttl(' stat.e span; t,l) timl any valid tra(:t' lparling to il s(,(,llriL' bn';U'h: so pruvided that.

www.cs.ox.ac.uk/msctheses/547/1/1997_Heather_J.pdf- 1932k - 29 Jan 2009 - Cached

4. Oxford Alumni |

We'll see you in Europe. We're coming to Barcelona, Stockholm and Berlin. for Meeting Minds in Europe. Credit: Duncan Miller / Pixabay. i-icon. Alumni stories: 'It's a collaboration that will take us all the way to the Moon'. Bethany Ehlmann (Keble,

www.alumni.ox.ac.uk/- 86k - 19 Nov 2019 - Cached

5. DPIR Homepage | About

Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford

www.politics.ox.ac.uk/- 55k - 18 Nov 2019 - Cached

6. The Queen's College, Oxford | Welcome

Welcome to Queen’s, an Oxford college founded in 1341 to widen access to education. Our community is committed to the best teaching and research and inspires the highest academic standards.

www.queens.ox.ac.uk/- 155k - 17 Nov 2019 - Cached

7. The Oxford Q-Step Centre | About

Oxford Q-Step Centre, University of Oxford

www.oqc.ox.ac.uk/- 27k - 18 Nov 2019 - Cached

8. Home - Trinity College Oxford

As an Old Member of Trinity, you should have received a user name and password, enter these below to log in. If you have not received a user name (for example, if we do not have your email address on record), please send a sign-up request (giving

alumni.trinity.ox.ac.uk/- 35k - Cached

9. Homepage | Homepage | Economics Website

The University of Oxford has one of the most distinguished and varied groups of academic economists in the world. Oxford's Department of Economics is pioneering research that makes major contributions to modern economic analysis. The Department is

www.economics.ox.ac.uk/- 39k - 18 Nov 2019 - Cached

10. Special website for anti-apartheid archive | University of Oxford

Anti-Apartheid Movement poster asking shoppers to boycott South African goods. The poster was first produced in 1978 and incorporates images of the shootings of school students in Soweto in 1976. Image Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford. Share

www.ox.ac.uk/news/arts-blog/special-website-anti-apartheid-archive-0- 51k - 16 Nov 2019 - Cached

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