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1. Dining | New College

Afternoon Tea. 1 of 6. Passion Fruit & white chocolate delice.

www.new.ox.ac.uk/dining- 65k - 16 Nov 2019 - Cached

2. Christmas Dinner at Ashmolean V7

DESSERTSChristmas pudding, brandy custard, armagnac prunes, red currants. Oats and lemon treacle tart, lemon curd, brown bread cremeux, cranberry gel, almond brittleMilk chocolate and cinnamon delice, raisin financier, almond milk gel,

ashmolean.org/files/ashmoleancgchristmascelebrationsseateddinnerofferpdf- 2484k - 16 Oct 2019 - Cached

3. Voltaire et Paris | Voltaire Foundation: Welcome - University of Oxford

6. La dynamique du 'sauvage paisible': 1753-1755. 7. Les Délices ne sont plus à Paris: 1755-1760.

www.voltaire.ox.ac.uk/book/voltaire-et-paris- 31k - Cached

4. Sixty years on: the museum of the Institut et Musée Voltaire | Voltaire Foundation: Welcome - University of Oxford

with him at Les Délices, is currently being restored and will soon reclaim her place as mistress of the house. ... Institut et Musée Voltaire, photograph by Matthias Thomann. In recent years, Les Délices has welcomed another inhabitant: Rousseau.

www.voltaire.ox.ac.uk/news/blog/sixty-years-museum-institut-et-mus%C3%A9e-voltaire- 33k - Cached

5. Dr Francisca Martínez Hergueta – Impact Engineering Laboratory Oxford University

DELICE. Ballistic characterization and multiscale simulation of Interleaved Composites. F. Martínez-Hergueta, A.

iel.eng.ox.ac.uk/?page_id=266- 22k - Cached

6. Voltaire et Paris

6. La dynamique du 'sauvage paisible': 1753-1755. 7. Les Délices ne sont plus à Paris: 1755-1760.

www.voltaire.ox.ac.uk/printpdf/12670- 3k - 20 Nov 2019 - Cached

7. Rétif de la Bretonne – Adventures on the Bookshelf

https://bookshelf.mml.ox.ac.uk A blog for students and teachers of Years 11 to 13, and anyone else with an interest in Modern Foreign Languages and Cultures, written by the staff and students of Oxford University. Updated every Wednesday! Mon, 27

bookshelf.mml.ox.ac.uk/tag/retif-de-la-bretonne/feed/- 15k - 20 Nov 2019 - Cached

8. The Holinshed Texts (1587, Volume 6, p. 600)

4. that with fiue floure delices was grauen on both sides, wherewith she fought & did manie slaughters by hir owne hands. ... delice in his hand.

english.nsms.ox.ac.uk/holinshed/texts.php?text1=1587_5449- 11k - Cached

9. July | 2016 | Adventures on the Bookshelf

Figure 3: Les Délices de la Maternité (Maternal Pleasures) Detail of Image from Gallica. ... Figure 4: Les Délices de la Maternité (Maternal Pleasures). In the first set, you might have noticed that in Figure 2, the seated woman with her back to us

bookshelf.mml.ox.ac.uk/2016/07/- 72k - Cached

10. Fragments divers

Sur les Juifs (Marie-Hélène Cotoni). [Sur le Pentateuque] (Marie-Hélène Cotoni). [Epître aux fidèles, par le grand apôtre des Délices] (Stéphanie Géhanne-Gavoty).

www.voltaire.ox.ac.uk/printpdf/14825- 4k - 20 Nov 2019 - Cached

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