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1. Environmental Change Institute - University of Oxford

Although we used Bicester as a case study, we hope that the results will be useful to other local authorities. ... More complex tools are available, such as InVEST (free), LUCI, SENCE and Viridian (consultancy), which model processes such as rainwater

www.eci.ox.ac.uk/research/ecosystems/bio-clim-adaptation/bicester-green-infrastructure.html- 28k - Cached

2. A Move South - Finance & Development March 2016

The amount of resources a country knows it has and can get out of the ground changes as invest- ment in exploration finds new deposits— and as technology increases the amount ... Note: The data cover discoveries classi ed as major, whose size varies by

www.economics.ox.ac.uk/images/Documents/OxCarre_Policy_Papers/OxCarrePP201630.pdf- 199k - 1 Mar 2016 - Cached

3. [TCP] The smoke in the temple wherein is a designe for peace and reconciliation of believers of the several opinions of these times about ordinances, to a forbearance of each other in love, and meeknesse, and humility : with the opening of each opinion, a

of the Sanctuary have issue, and spring up Vallies as well as Mountains. ... 1 Tim. 4.14.Presbyterie, not in the Church, as meer Beleevers. 4.

downloads.oucs.ox.ac.uk/ota-public/tcp/Texts-HTML/free/A61/A61133.html- 368k - 6 Apr 2018 - Cached

4. https://www.eci.ox.ac.uk/research/ecosystems/bio-clim-adaptation/downloads/bicester-newsletter-jun-2018.pdf

We will also explain. that we are focusing only on relatively simple tools, so the list excludes more complex modelling tools such as InVEST. ... Hedgehog’. Following her MSc, Sierra worked for a few months as a hedgehog officer.

www.eci.ox.ac.uk/research/ecosystems/bio-clim-adaptation/downloads/bicester-newsletter-jun-2018.pdf- 812k - 25 Jun 2018 - Cached

5. [TCP] Some drops of the viall, powred out in a season when it is neither night nor day, or, Some discoveries of Iesus Christ His glory in severall books ... : all which books are here reprinted in one booke entirely after the severall impressions of them

C. Yea, but how will you settle? F. How? As it is agreed on. ... 49.rightly applyed, as his opposites say. P. And are these the differences fully?

downloads.oucs.ox.ac.uk/ota-public/tcp/Texts-HTML/free/A61/A61155.html- 842k - 6 Apr 2018 - Cached

6. [TCP] Les termes de la ley; or, Certain difficult and obscure words and terms of the common laws and statutes of this realm now in use, expounded and explained Now corrected and enlarged. With very great additions throughout the whole book, never printed

and not as Administrator, in any Action brought against him by any Creditor. ... This word is sometimes ap plied to Subsidies, as in 14 E.3.

downloads.oucs.ox.ac.uk/ota-public/tcp/Texts-HTML/free/A58/A58086.html- 2244k - 6 Apr 2018 - Cached

7. [TCP] Nomo-lexikon, a law-dictionary interpreting such difficult and obscure words and terms as are found either in our common or statute, ancient or modern lawes : with references to the several statutes, records, registers, law-books, charters, ancient

Br. fol.91. Sometimes for the affection or passing the thing abated; as Abatement of the Writ. ... ways, or other places it does Abbut:As in Crokes Re ports, 2 part.

downloads.oucs.ox.ac.uk/ota-public/tcp/Texts-HTML/free/A28/A28468.html- 2193k - 6 Apr 2018 - Cached

8. zoo-web02.zoo.ox.ac.uk/group/west/pdf/Abe_etal_09.pdf

2005). Most theoretical models predict optimal sex ratios as invest- ment ratios, and so sex ratios should be measured at conception (e.g. ... DISCUSSION. We examined the way in which mothers invest their resources into their male and female offspring in

zoo-web02.zoo.ox.ac.uk/group/west/pdf/Abe_etal_09.pdf- 276k - 21 Aug 2009 - Cached

9. Conditional cooperation and confusion in public-goods experiments

However, this argument could just as easily be applied to. many other economic games. ... Second, the wording of instructions to players, with words such as invest, could suggest the game is risky, and hence dependent on how others invest (34).

zoo-web02.zoo.ox.ac.uk/group/west/pdf/Burton_etal_16.pdf- 2981k - 2 Jun 2016 - Cached

10. https://www.eci.ox.ac.uk/research/energy/downloads/olce-report-oct2014.pdf

Just to meet our climate commitments, Oxfordshire will collectively need to invest at least £100 million/year to 2030, and perhaps treble that if we have aspirations for low carbon leadership. ... For example, Invest in Oxfordshire reports that Harwell

www.eci.ox.ac.uk/research/energy/downloads/olce-report-oct2014.pdf- 1651k - 20 Oct 2014 - Cached

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